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Client Highlight: In-Tuned Home Appliances

For six years, In-Tuned Home Appliances has helped homeowners on the Coast from Waveland to Ocean Springs with preventative maintenance and repair of major appliances. They also install new A/C units and service existing systems.

WorkWise small business client In-Tuned Home Appliances
500+ 5-Star Reviews for In-Tuned Home Appliances

Owner Farin Humphries and tech Lee Goodrich have earned their well-deserved 4.9 star reviews for their “great customer service,” being “friendly, knowledgeable, and professional,” and most of all for being “prompt, responsive, and fixing the problem.”

How are two people able to cover the Coast? They rely on WorkWise.

Prior to 2021, Farin had an answering service in Colorado that “cost twice as much and did half the work.” One of his clients knew about WorkWise’s services and suggested he give the local business support services company a call. He did and hasn’t looked back.

Farin’s work phone is forwarded to WorkWise where Business Support Representative, Judy, typically answers. Judy has learned the ins and outs of Farin’s business, and in addition to answering the calls, she also schedules appointments for In-Tuned. After hours and on the weekends, calls are answered by WorkWise’s answering service so Farin can take some much-deserved time off and know his customers are being taken care of promptly and professionally.

Asking about In-Tuned’s phenomenal reviews online, Farin is quick to give credit where it’s due.

“If you read those reviews, a lot of them say they love the receptionist, appreciate the phone being answered by a very nice lady, and that the office manager was really informative and helpful, and what people don’t realize, is that is Judy from WorkWise.” - Farin Humphries

We appreciate our client, In-Tuned Home Appliances, and highly recommend them for any major appliance repair, A/C work or installation. Check them out on Facebook or give them a call at 228-731-9470.

Thank you for being part of the WorkWise team, Farin!

WorkWise client In-Tuned Home Appliances

If you have questions about our answering service or leasing office space, utilizing our conference room or drop-in desks, our Business Support Representatives or mailbox memberships, give us a call: 228-256-1111.


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