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Because it's hard to answer the phone when you have your hands full

Live Receptionists &
Business Support Representatives

From To-Do to Done, Together


Business owners who could use an extra hand

We work with a wide range of businesses, from one-person operations to corporate partners with over 30  offices.  Plumbers, roofers, therapists, accountants, attorneys, and agencies are some of the Gulf Coast businesses that benefit from our remote answering and administrative support services.

Plumber Fixing Sink


Two service plans depending upon your needs


Only need help catching the phone?  WorkWise has live operators that answer calls in a professional, proper and timely manner.

Want calls forwarded to you from a specific client?

Or messages taken and emailed on the weekends?

How about a custom voicemail when your business is closed?

With WorkWise's answering service you can have all of these options customized for your business.  Calls are answered and messages taken by Mississippi-based operators whose focus is on exceptional customer service.

Pricing is $100/month which includes 35 minutes; any phone time over 35 minutes is charged at $1/minute of talk-time.  Additional fees may apply if you want other services added.

Help Center

Live Receptionist


Starts at $100/month (includes 35 minutes)  +$1/minute



8am - 4pm (receptionist available after-hours)

all administrative tasks

  1. 5 hours/month - $199

  2. 12 hrs/month - $379

  3. 24 hrs/month - $729

  4. 40 hrs/month - $1159

  5. 80 hrs/month - $2199

  6. 120 hrs/month - $3199

  7. 160 hrs/month - $3999


If you're looking for more than just a live receptionist, a dedicated business support representative (BSR) might be the perfect fit.

With our discovery call, we’ll match you with a BSR that best fits your needs.  Through our on-boarding, they’ll learn your business and how you want things done.  Then we move to our low-cost, flat-rate monthly fee structure, so you can budget accordingly and assign tasks that fit your needs.

Pricing is based on a flat-rate monthly fee structure depending on how much time you want your BSR to work completing tasks.  Entry tier is for 5 hours/month, and there are seven tiers up to FTE 160 hours/month.


24-hour responsiveness to care for your clients. 


Managing the details so your business runs smoothly.


Administrative services to represent your business professionally.


Utilize our physical office space with on-site services.


Our clients, small business owners and executives usually have their BSRs begin with answering calls, email inbox management and calendar management.  When these time-consuming tasks are offloaded, you can see an immediate benefit. However, you can start with whatever task or project is most pressing. 

Typically, after a month of small tasks being handled, business owners are so pleased that they delegate additional tasks with greater responsibility.   Check out 40 Ways a BSR Can Make Your Life Easier to see some example tasks.


As you and your BSR work together and get a better understanding of needs, communication styles, and preferences, there are greater efficiencies.

Request information to learn more about what we do or call us at 228-256-1111 to talk about your specific needs.

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