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40 Ways Your BSR Can Help Make Your Life Easier

If you're just starting out working with your WorkWise Business Support Representative, you might be unfamiliar with all of the tasks they can assist with. Here are some examples of where they can help, but if you have a specific need that's not listed, please ask!

  1. Open and close your website live chat and Facebook Messenger at the start and end of the day; let prospects know when you're online

  2. Manage customer service/support tickets

  3. Check for any questions or reviews on Google Business Profile; answer or reply

  4. Reach out to customers with a reminder call prior to appointments

  5. Create draft invoices for approval; get approved to send

  6. Manage client bookings/calls in your calendar

  7. Follow up with your clients after service is complete; ask for review

  8. Set up appointments

  9. Research content ideas for blog posts

  10. Prepare and send agreement forms, contracts, or other needed documents

  11. Follow up and file signed documents

  12. Send a daily or weekly report detailing tasks achieved, questions, roadblocks, feedback

  13. Handle inbound and outbound calls

  14. Check ETAs from suppliers and purchase orders

  15. Sort admin files and documents via Google Docs/Dropbox/OneDrive

  16. Answer online inquiries via email/chat with set guidelines

  17. Politely follow up overdue invoices

  18. Check all social media channels for comments and questions; respond by liking, answering questions, or alerting client to inquiries requiring additional follow-up

  19. Draft a Powerpoint presentation

  20. Create an Excel template

  21. Check email and respond, deal with, or delegate

  22. Check and respond to after-hours voicemails

  23. Check live chat website messages received overnight and respond

  24. Maintain a list of common questions to add to your FAQ page

  25. Document any feedback, comments, questions you get on social media to discuss in your weekly meeting

  26. Delete spam messages/comments in your email

  27. Input bills in your accounting system

  28. Enter receipts for up-to-date bookkeeping

  29. Manage payroll

  30. Research for prospects and/or leads

  31. Research for backlinks to improve SEO

  32. Manage CRM contact lists and record any changes

  33. Research material for newsletter

  34. Update newsletter email list

  35. Send thank-you cards or holiday cards to clients

  36. Assist with finding deals online for office equipment

  37. Data entry from screenshots, photos, or links

  38. Check flight schedules

  39. Make travel arrangements

  40. Find a suitable place for meetings (We might be biased, but our conference room is great!)

  41. And more!

If you want to see how a BSR can make your life easier, give us a call at: 228-256-1111 to see how we can help.


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