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Prioritizing Time with Family Drives New Business

Twenty years ago, Comcepts was born from my interest in emerging remote network and telecommunications technologies coupled with my desire to be more present for my family. Initially a medical transcription company, our reputation for efficiency and accuracy quickly led to the development of additional remote services. At the request of our healthcare clients, we designed an answering service and full-service call center scalable to their individual needs.

This evolution was a testament to the success of Comcepts, the services we provide, and my personal values. Not only could I grow the business, but I could also help others regain the one thing I so passionately sought — time.

The importance of family has inherently shaped Comcepts’ past, present, and future. My late husband and all four of our children have worked alongside me at various stages of the business, bringing their talents and leaving their own mark on Comcepts. Most recently, my daughter, Meg, joined our team as business manager. Together we launched a sister company, WorkWise, with the goal of providing small business owners time to focus attention on what they value most, while our dedicated team remotely manages their daily business tasks.

We value time — our clients’, our team members’, and ours — and this has translated into a successful business strategy. Twenty years ago, I was an innovator who envisioned a remote work environment with flexible hours. Today, I lead a team of remote workers who are experts in helping other business owners reclaim some of their valuable time.


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